Friday, December 09, 2011

Navigation on the Carneddau

For the second day of our navigation and hill skills course we based ourselves on the Northern end of the Carneddau. We looked at macro navigation skills and also practised some of the micro nav skills that we had been learning yesterday in the wind and rain! It has been dry and bright today with a very fresh NW wind and some very light snow showers.

I have had about 15 emails over the last two days asking me if there will be winter climbing in Snowdonia this weekend. I generally only report the conditions that I find so that you the reader can make an informed decision as to where to go, I try to avoid naming specific objectives as that causes bottlenecks and also puts a weight of responsibility on my shoulders! The turf was properly frozen above 700m today and there is still some snow in the high Cwms. (Very small amounts that would need to be sought out) The forecast suggests some light snow showers over night so I think there will be some mixed climbing to be had tomorrow. You will need to find routes that are not too reliant on turf, that are high up and it will need to snow overnight. They do exist! Where am I going? On a steam train ride to see Father Christmas with my kids! 

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