Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Crib Goch in the snow

I have been out with Jude and Rosie today who have both been out with me before and fancied some private guiding in the snow. We headed up over Crib Goch (1) and had a brilliant day in some challenging snow conditions. The snow line has risen slightly since yesterday and this slight rise in temperature meant that low down the snow was quite soft and the ice was breaking easily away from the rock. As we gained height though conditions improved so that on the ridge itself we had some nice sections of harder snow. Generally though there was ankle deep graupel interspersed with sections of wind scoured snow and ice which all combined to make the route good value for the grade and meant that we had the rope on for most of it. It snowed all day with some beautiful big flakes at times and our tracks were soon being filled in behind us, a superb day in the mountains.


Smally said...

Great pics Captain Rob. Looks like tip top fun along the Crib. Stunning!

Rob Johnson said...

Oh yes. Was awesome, you would have loved it!