Thursday, December 08, 2011

Cor blimey, what a day!

I have been running the first day of a navigation and hill skills course today. The forecast was horrendous and the weather lived up to all of the predictions. The temperature was 12 degrees in the valley this morning, we had winds in excess of 70mph in the valley, waterfalls blowing uphill and heavy, heavy rain. After slightly longer in the cafe than normal we headed to Cwmfinnon and looked at some micro navigation skills. The wind was just too strong though so we dropped down to the car and visited the Rescue Base to look at emergency procedures and rescues. After an hour the skies brightened so we finished the day doing some more micro nav in the Llanberis Pass, the wind dried us out nicely!

I was surprised to see that some of the snow has remained in the high North facing cwms such as Cwm Glas, Cwm Lloer and Cwm Cneifion. This will freeze overnight as the temperature is already plummeting and is forecast to drop below freezing. This could give a good base to the main gully lines but will totally depend on what snow comes in tomorrow. The forecasts suggest light showers becoming heavier as the day progresses and temperatures of -2 at 900m which could be good. We shall see!

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