Sunday, February 28, 2016

Heavy Water

For the last couple of days of our ice climbing week in Norway we enjoyed some multi pitch routes in the Upper Gorge, often climbing up to the factory made famous in the story of the Heroes of Telemark where allied resistance fighters carried out a daring raid to destroy the Heavy Water that would have been a critical component of the Atomic Bomb. We had no such pressures on us and were able to enjoy some fat ice under blue skies, climbing routes around the WI 4 (Scottish 5) grades as people really hit their stride. The final day was spent at Kroken with some folks progressing onto leading there own routes and others keen to continue progressing their grade, climbing all manner of steep ice before finally heading back to Oslo in the sleepy bus!

Three of the six booked their spaces for next year before we even left Norwegian soil! A great trip with great people, thanks all.

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