Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Cneifion Arete

I have been out with Rosie again today and in an ideal world we wanted to play in the snow again as we did yesterday. Unfortunately the snow line has risen over night with a slight rise in temperatures and we also had 65mph winds to contend with today so had to strike a fine line between height for the snow and getting pinned down by the winds. We decided to head for Cwm Cneifion to get some shelter and some height. The whole Cwm has stripped back which is a shame as there is some ice starting to form on the Tower Slabs area. Nevertheless we climbed the Cneifion Arete as a summer scramble (carrying winter kit which must at least be good training!?) and had fun battling the winds. What a difference a day makes!

With tomorrows forecast heavy rain and higher temperatures I think we will be back to square one on Friday. More snow is then forecast so the weekend could be similar to the first couple of days of this week. It summarises the Welsh winter climbing scene to me, you have to be opportunistic and get out and have a look even if its looking unlikely from the valley floor. You definitely won't get anything done by staying in the cafe!

Clogwyn Du

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