Thursday, February 13, 2014

Wild ski touring

Today has been a day off so Huw and I got the skis out to make the most of all this snow! We parked at Fersit, doing a good deed along the way by delivering a parcel for a stuck delivery driver through the snow. We skinned up Chno Dearg, taking inspiration from Kenny Biggins new book "Scottish Offpiste Skiing and Snowboarding". This Munro sits at 1046m but some pretty strong winds that blew me off my feet twice meant we didn't quite tick the summit! It gave friendly angled slopes (generally below 25 degrees) which meant we could manage the avalanche risk but great overall snow cover. We had a spot of survival skiing from our turn around point, which made Huw feel sick with motion sickness as we could not tell up from down, before we broke out of the cloud and enjoyed some lovely snow and great turns. There was snow all the way to the car but a bit of bog skiing at the bottom! 

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