Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Stormy Day

There was snow on the car this morning and the snow gates on the A82 were closed until 8:00 am as there was even more snow overnight! With an unsurprisingly high avalanche risk we needed to stay low so headed into Glen Coe and made for the Zig Zags on Gear Aonach. We had to wade through snow that was often knee deep, occasionally waist deep, from the road! The boys and girls then lead the crux pitches for themselves until the storm hit and we enjoyed an abseil off in some very windy, snowy weather! There was a big avalanche on the NW flank of Beinn Fhada, we heard it for a few seconds before we saw the run out into the Lost Valley and it has been snowing heavily all afternoon at all levels. A pretty wild ending to a great course! 

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