Friday, July 20, 2012

Grib Goch - Twice

Mike and simon were keen to do some more work on movement skills on grade 1 ground and dealing with exposure. We decided Crib Goch would be ideal and made our way up the East Ridge from Pen Y Pass, putting into practice the skills we covered in the rain yesterday. It was dry and sunny and we traversed Crib Goch and over the Pinnacles on warm dry rock. After a quick rest we headed back over the ridge in the opposite direction to get the most out of the technical ground before descending the North Ridge. Once in Cwm Glas we looked at use of the rope on grade 1 ground before traversing back on the Foxes Path to the foot of the East Ridge. A great day out and we got to the car before the rain arrived!

Don't forget if you are heading this way tomorrow its the International Snowdon Race so it will be busy in Llanberis and on the mountain. 

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Sharon Whitley said...

great photos