Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Crib Goch

I have been out with Ben for the day today. Ben is considering a change of career to work in the outdoors, working towards his Mountain Leader qualification and wanted a day out on the hill to ascertain where he is at, talk about my mentor scheme and develop his skills in readiness for his ML assessment. We headed over Crib Goch in the rain which gave lots of opportunity to look at leadership skills & styles and security on steep ground. There were a few other folk up there today which was a surprise as there was no view! 

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Sharon Whitley said...

did the dog go across - I take my black lab on scrambles she's been over Striding Edge no problem but worry about her getting in other people's way on Crib Goch. Taking some friends across there in August who haven't done it before so hoping for no rain!!!