Friday, September 16, 2011

Welsh 3000 Challenge

I am doing the Welsh 3000 challenge today with 7 clients and my friends Alec & Jim working with me. Here are the best shots from the morning.

Unfortunately the weather took a turn for the worse over the Glyderau with some lashing rain and strong gusting winds taking there toll on the team and slowing progress down. Of the 7 people that started the challenge 3 people pulled out at Nant Peris with sore knees or just plain knackered, one person pulled out on the Glyderau and the remaining three were delayed sufficiently on the middle section to mean that they ran out of time to complete the last section.

This underlines just how difficult the Welsh 3000 challenge is, you need good weather a good training program and a good level of mountain fitness to complete it.

Uploaded from my iPad. 


Anonymous said...

awesome photo! what time was this?

Rob Johnson said...

About 7:30am this morning. Its lovely light isn't it.