Thursday, September 22, 2011

Billberry Terrace, Y Lliwedd

Mick and I got washed out of Scotland and fought through lashing rain and high winds to  run for the sun here in North Wales! We drove back yesterday and spent today climbing the longest of the grade 3 scrambles in Snowdonia, Bilberry Terrace on Y Lliwedd. Steve Ashton memorably describes the route as being unsuitable for beginners, offering no means of escape and only to be climbed in the dry in his scrambling in Snowdonia guidebook! As routes go it doesn't offer the nicest of rock and in places it was still a bit damp and slimy today which added interest. It does offer a spectacular position on the North face of Y Lliwedd which is a magnificent cliff and some stunning views across to Crib Goch and the Glyderau. We climbed the route in good time and then descended Y Gribin to give a nice grade 1 scramble down to the Miners track. It stayed dry all day too! 

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