Thursday, January 12, 2012

Ledge Route, Ben Nevis

Matt, Karolina and I headed up the Ben today via Ledge Route (II). Low the down the snow had not had a chance to completely re-freeze but once established on the route we had some lovely crisp neve to play on, the anchors were all easily visible and the lack of snow on the approach made the walk in easier and quicker. The temperature seemed to drop rapidly as the day went on and we had light snow showers throughout the afternoon but probably not enough to have an impact. There were teams out climbing on the main gully lines such as Green Gully but I don't know what the conditions were like. For us the conditions were ideal, its great not to be fighting the wind and we had some lovely views between the showers. For Ben track key holders be aware that work had started this afternoon on the washed out section of track. When we got there on the way home the track was closed as they dug it out. We were diverted through the distillery which was pretty cut up in places compared to the main track. - Posted using BlogPress from my iPad

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