Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Crib Goch in the snow

I have been joined for the day by regular client Andy who was able to wangle a last minute day off work to come and play in the snow. We parked at Pen Y Pass and headed up over Crib Goch. The snow is down to the car park and gets quite deep in the drifts higher up but has not consolidated and has no base to it at the moment. Ice is starting to form and it has been very cold all day with temperatures below freezing. Where the snow has been trampled it gives some nice conditions and there was a nice path making it way across Crib Goch to give a fine day out. The crags were nicely rimed up so there will be some mixed climbing to be had. The wind was a bitter Easterly and the clag unfortunately stayed in all day, nevertheless a cracking day out and nice to see a couple of snowmen out enjoying the weather! 

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