Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Y Garn & Foel Goch

As we left Ogwen Cottage this morning it was raining heavily and the wind was rattling along the valley at a fair old pace, and we were all pleased! After a couple of days of nice weather its been great to put navigation skills into practice in some more challenging conditions. We went up onto Foel Goch first of all, picking our way up from the Hafod Scout Centre using contour interpretation. We then navigated across to Y Garn in the cloud before descending to Llyn Y Cwn, down through Twyll Du to Llyn Idwal and back to the car. We had the occasional spell of sunshine but otherwise it was pretty challenging all day which was perfect!  

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Simon said...

At least it wasn't too misty with heavy hill fog! Great Tryfan pic!