Thursday, December 09, 2010

Devils Pasture and The Screen

I have had a day off today and so have been climbing with my friend Rich. Rich is a fellow member of the Llanberis Rescue Team and SARDA Wales. We decided to head into Cwm Idwal and we had good fun climbing The Devils Pasture (III,3) and The Screen (IV,4). On the latter route the ice was better as it was thicker and was nice and squidgy with the rising temperatures we are experiencing today (it was 8 degrees in the car park when we got back down). Both routes were great fun though and Rich promised not to tell anyone that I dropped my axe as I followed him up the top pitch of The Screen. Sincere apologies to anyone below, I had been extolling the virtues of leashless climbing to Rich all morning and the rope flicked my axe as it was placed in the ice above me - bugger! I was relived that the top pitch was easier as I then had to climb it with just one axe. We also had a nosey into the Devils Kitchen but the final steepening was very thin so we decided to save that one for another day. The next couple of days are set to warm up and then its looking cold again for next week - the conditions then should be great.
Rich on the first pitch of Devils Pasture

The Screen

Rich finishing the first pitch of The Screen

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