Thursday, December 17, 2015

A Year in the Mountains 2015

A Year in the Mountains 2015 - available now on YouTube

Its that time of year where we stop and look back at the year gone by and for the last 3 years I have done that with a film - and this year is no exception.
Those that have watched previous films will notice that this years is shorter than the previous ones. That is partly because peoples attention spans are getting smaller and partly because I have been to slightly less places!

In 2014 I woke up one day in July (I remember exactly which day because it was my birthday) with a sore knee. I ignored it and took painkillers and unsurprisingly it got worse. To cut a long story short most of 2015 has been planned around letting my knee recover - and it is, albeit much more slowly than I would like! Our trip to Patagonia in November was a real test and it stood up to it well.

The year has taught me the need for a living that doesn't entirely depend on my knees and I have been developing my mountain filming. Its been a great year with projects for the BBC, ITV and many more. My biggest passion in life is sharing the mountains and film is an extra medium that allows me to do that.

In 2016 you will see that the diary is slightly smaller than it has been, with less courses being run. My body has told me that 300 days a year in the mountains is not sustainable. I am also relying on my good friend and fellow instructor Huw to work with me on many courses. That way we can keep sharing adventures, giggles and tea & cakes for a few more years to come.

I am grateful to everyone that has shared their mountain adventures with us this year and I am looking forward to sharing more in 2016. If there is one thing that injury has taught me its that you can't beat being out in the mountains!

I hope you have a great Christmas and I wish you a Happy New Year.

All the best


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