Thursday, January 08, 2015

Breezy on the summits

The weather forecast for today was for fresh snow and strong winds and we were keen to get another summit ticked before the storm hits again tonight. We headed up Aonach Mor and as you can see from the photos the summit plateau has been all but stripped of snow. There are still plenty of accumulations to be found in sheltered spots and aspects and the crags were looking white, it was 50-60 mph on the top though so the fresh stuff was not hanging around! The weather was ideal for honing winter navigation skills and the boys did a good job of leading the day. Having bagged the summit we dropped out of the worst of the wind and refreshed ice axe arrest as well as looking at how to safeguard approaching an edge using a rope and emergency shelters. A truly Scottish day with wild weather, beautiful light and stunning views.

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