Monday, December 22, 2014

Morocco Thank You

Hi Rob -

Hope all well and your course in Tignes is going/has gone well.

Please don't think, for a moment, that the delay in my getting this note to you has in any way diminished my memory of our stupendous expedition to the High Atlas mountains that we completed with the 'Toubkal Gang' a fortnight ago. The excursion had to be experienced to be believed and whilst we weren't able to tackle Toubkal I thought the trip was perhaps, in some ways, better than had we summited given the exposure we had to such extreme snow conditions and the use of snow shoes and crampons. 

As you know, other than my introduction to winter mountaineering via your Scottish skills course last January, it was my first real outing in 'full-on' winter conditions and the experience at altitude did not disappoint. I had a fabulous time, with a great crowd of people - Yorkshire contingent aside - which coupled with the 'snow science' - love the expression - sessions, snow hole building acclimatisation exercises and your and Bryn's safety first approach ensured that there was never a moment of concern and enjoyment was the name of the game. 

A couple of relaxing - and warm - nights in Marrakech was the icing - no pun intended - on the cake; my thanks know no bounds and I look forward to being with you in the mountains again soon.

Best regards.

Bob - Morocco 2014

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