Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Thank You

One of the best bits of my job (apart from spending all day in the mountains!) is emails like this:

Hi Rob, how you doing? Enjoying your well deserved day off I hope? 

I can't really express my gratitude to you in words for the past couple of days. It was one of the best experiences of my life, right up there with being at the births of my kids!

I don't want to sound all weird, but I somehow feel enlightened. I really can't explain it. I feel like a new me! I can only describe it as being akin to a religous experience. I feel I have so much more confidence throughout all aspects of my life, but my legs are a bit tender, haha.

I couldn't say this to my eldest daughter as she'd accuse me of blasphemy, but after that experience, I feel as if walking is my religion, and the mountains my church!

As I said to Kevin before I left the cafe, I sincerely cannot think of two people that I would rather have shared the experience with.

Thank you for the photos too, they put a whole new perspective on it all.

I'll definitely keep in touch (not in a stalkery way) although I kept the signed copy of the scrambling book under my pillow last night.......... (didn't really).......... and I look forward to booking myself on another course when I can. 

Thanks again


Steve - Intro to Scrambling - October 2014

p.s. say hi to Skye from me. She's gorgeous!

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