Sunday, August 24, 2014

Swiss 3000's

I have just returned from a week in the Swiss Alps on our Swiss 3000's summits week. I was joined by Sarah & Steve, Simon & Penny, Luke & Becks and Graham and Dan and we had a superb week. This summer in the Alps has been pretty poor so far weather wise and so we were surprised, delighted and amazed to enjoy 5 days of wall to wall sunshine, despite a slightly dodgy forecast. The good weather, great clients and a flexible approach meant we were able to bag 5 great summits in two different valleys over the five days and enjoy some superb huts along the way.

We met on Monday morning in Zermatt and after coffee and pastries headed up towards Fluealp which gives fine views of the Matterhorn. We bagged our first summit (Pfulroe 3265m) as we had been given a poor forecast for the following day and so were keen to make the most of the weather. That night was spent in the hut and my memories of superb food and wine were proved true whilst the weather forecast proved false and Tuesday brought more blue skies and sunshine.

We headed down into Zermatt for lunch and then enjoyed a beautiful walk up to the Hotel Trift at a little over 2300m. Hugo the hut guardian was a great host and the girls were all impressed by the size of his horn, and the skill with which he wielded it!

An early start the following morning saw us head up onto the Platthorn, enjoying the sunrise over the Matterhorn along the way. Our summit sat at 3345m and was our biggest tick of the week in terms of height, and perhaps in terms of the wow factor too as it was a small summit with some great exposure,  surrounded by glaciers and snow capped peaks. Over 2000m of descent saw us back in the valley and we drove round to the Val d'Anniviers and walked up to the Cabane Bella Tolla where free hot showers proved a hit!

Burpies on the glacier!

Thursday morning had us out early again and we bagged the summit of Bella Tolla, one of Switzerlands most popular 3000m peaks and again giving superb views over the likes of the Weisshorn, Grande Cornier, Zinalrothorn and many, many more. We were back in the valley for lunch and with full stomachs enjoyed a steady afternoon plod up the 800m of height gain to the Cabane Becs de Bossons. This is one of my favourite huts of the week, it gave great food, amazing views to Mont Blanc and the Matterhorn and all of the charm of an older high mountain hut but with the comforts of its modern extension.

Friday morning saw some of the team tick off the Point de la Tsevalire (3026m) before breakfast to enjoy the sunrise whilst the others enjoyed a well earned lie in. We all then headed up the Becs de Bosson (3149m) to give a great scrambling finale to a superb week.

Thanks very much to Sarah & Steve, Simon & Penny, Luke & Becks and Graham and Dan for being such good company, great sports and up for anything - it was a brilliant week!

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sp∞ky said...

Such a great week, some vivid memories fantastic views, hut choices and friends. An excellent week highly recommended.