Sunday, June 29, 2014

Thank You

Dear Rob and Huw
I wanted to thank you both for the course. Having trudged, slightly heavy-hearted and slightly delayed, back to London, I have managed to recover from the pains, strains and jitters of the week and am now left with happy memories, a real feeling of achievement and somewhat bruised shins!
I wanted to join the course as a general improvement of my mountain skills, but I have come away with more than that; I have a new sense of confidence, a love of scrambling and an understanding of my shortcomings that I can work on. And I did all that in an incredibly beautiful setting with some lovely people. The week was great, including the great weather that you laid on for us, so thank you for everything. You can be quite sure that I will be back for more in future.
Be seeing you. 
From a tragically flat London...!
Lucinda - 5 day navigation and scrambling course - June 2014

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