Sunday, March 09, 2014

Winter Skills Weekend - Thank You

Hi Rob, I just wanted to say thanks as well for the whole weekend, it was absolutely brilliant, loved every minute of it. you are an awesome guide - we were all saying afterward that you're great - really knowledgeable and experienced, but totally down to earth and easy to get on with. (and a lot less intimidating than that scary snow hole dude) (wouldn't want to meet him down a dark mountain ally.. gully).. so, thank you again for an awesome weekend.. i'll be definitely intending to book another course in the near future.

also.. fyi.. I did try and make a solo ascent of The big Ben nevis on Monday.. on my todd. I went through all the weather reports and avalance reports in the morning, and it all looked good.. . however when I got about halfway up at around 700m, and at a point where the path crossed the red burn, I had to turn back.. you may be able to tell from the attached photo (img6846)- it was a major avalanche risk. the snow was knee deep, and I was at risk from it either giving way below me and sliding me into the gully/burn or from the overhanging cornices above.. you can actually see in the photo wp201403 that a couple of people had decided to go straight up the gully vertically, instead of following the path to the right and into the deep snow.. I chatted to one guy who'd made it up that way who said it was not too bad getting up, but he encountered a couple of white outs while on the summit plateau.. im, glad I didn't head up there, I think I need to do one of rob's navigational courses before im confident to navigate in a white out on top of the ben!

anyway, thanks again Rob for a brilliant weekend. and thanks to everyone else, I got on really well with all of you.. and now im sat at home wishing I was still in bloody fort William! I even wore my goggles in the lounge last night so I could pretend I was still on the mountain!

oh. that reminds me. after I turned back from the red burn section on ben nevis, I then dug my own snow hole in some deep snow near the tarn up there. pretty good job I did I reckon. just with my axe 'n that. just about big enough for two. had my lunch in it and everything..

cheers everyone!
Ben - Winter Skills Weekend, March 2014

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Dav10 said...

Hi Ben.
Yes, the snow hole dude was rather scary. And as you say Rob was excellent.
My head has been in the clouds of Fort William all week. Gets you like that I guess.
Planning Feb 2015 already, to get back up there.
Navigation skills for me next I think.
Well done for Ben Nevis and your snow hole. At least you used the knowledge and skills you learnt on the course.
Really enjoyed the weekend with the group.
Enjoy. Ian