Friday, January 03, 2014

Winter Climbing

I have been joined for some private guiding in Scotland by regular client and friend Charlie who is keen to get some winter climbs under his belt, progressing from some mountaineering we did last winter. We headed into Sneachda in the Cairngorms today and fought our way into the Coirie against the very strong winds. Once on the crag it was sheltered but we had some careful decision making and lots of spindrift with all of the fresh snow. We climbed the Haston Line (IV,4) on the Mess of Pottage, the route was covered in snow and so the gear was poor but the climbing pretty easy despite the weather! We rapped the route to avoid the winds on the top and battled our way out again, a great day but lots of care will be required tomorrow as there was lots of snow coming down. 

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