Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Crib Goch in the Snow!

John and I enjoyed a winter traverse of Crib Goch today. John is on my trainee instructor mentor scheme and is a fairly experienced winter climber so as we drove down the Llanberis Pass this morning and saw Crib Goch covered in snow and glinting in the sunshine it seemed rude not to head up and enjoy it. Despite some fairly high winds forecast, the clouds were not moving that quickly so we headed up with and open mind and a flexible approach and found that whilst it was breezy it was ok. The snow got better as we gained height and this afternoon the temperatures dropped noticeably so I would expect it to consolidate nicely with an overnight re-freeze. We used axes, crampons and goggles so got the full winter experience - first day of winter for me, superb!

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