Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Swiss 3000 Week

I have been joined for the week in the Swiss Alps by Steven, Steve, Matt, Charlie, Andy, Rob and Will for our Swiss 3000 summits week. 
We met in Zermatt on Monday morning and headed up to the beautiful alpine hut, Fluealp. This hut has won awards for its food and did not disappoint! It also has some stunning views of the Matterhorn and placed us well for our first summit yesterday morning, Pfluero at just over 3300m. 

We then headed back into Zermatt for lunch before using the cable car and a 2 hour walk up tothe amazingly  situated  Hornli Hut on the Matterhorn. The hut is commonly used as the starting point for an ascent of the Hornli Ridge but just getting to it at 3200m gives a great walk with some exposure and fixed equipment and of course some stunning views - normally! We walked in during a snow storm but this only made the views this morning all the more special. It is also a brilliant place to be and was fairly quiet because of the snow on the mountain. 

We are now heading over to St Luc for the next two nights and some more summits, fingers crossed! 

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