Sunday, April 14, 2013

Mountain Leader Training

I have been joined by Andrew, Richard, Robert and Colin for a Mountain Leader Training course here in Snowdonia. Today was spent introducing the scheme, looking at mountain weather forecasting and micro navigation skills in Cwm Tregallan. We had a giggle at the out of place work signs that seemed very odd in such a wild location, the National Trust are installing a hydro electric installation and the signs have been placed as part of the project. There has been a track built for the diggers to gain access and of course a couple of diggers are also parked up there. One signpost pointed the route to Lliwedd which whilst another pointed pedestrians to the only bridge to cross the stream. (Neither of which have been changed by the work) A case of stating the obvious but in a way that somehow intruded as much as the heavy machinery.

There has been a massive ride in temperature and lots of rain and so the mountains are being stripped of snow causing the rivers to burst their banks and adding real atmosphere to the day!

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