Friday, February 15, 2013

Norway Ice Week

This week has been spent in the Ice Climbing mecca of Rjukan for our annual water ice climbing course. The instructional team was made up of Huw Gilbert, Mark “Baggy” Richards, Alec Roberts and myself and we were joined by Sue, Andy, Paul, Brett, Martin and Mick. Its has been an amazing week of blue skies, consistently cold temperatures (around -12c each day) and fat ice. Between us we visited a whole host of venues, having a single pitch day at Ozzimosis on the first day and then multi pitch routes throughout the rest of the week. With 4 instructors we were able to tailor the routes each day to match the aspirations of the team and so climbed from WI2 to WI5 and the ice has been the best I have seen it in the 4 years that I have been visiting Rjukan. 

An amazing week, climbing hard and smiling hard, cheers all. 

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