Friday, November 23, 2012

ML Wild Camping

Well the last couple of days have given some fairly challenging conditions for the ML teams and our camp was definitley wild. Last week I bought a new set of Arcteryx waterproofs and they were given an impressive test!

I took the ML trainees from Pen Y Pass yesterday morning, over Lliwedd Bach and down into Cwm Tregallan. Our route had been planned with the forecast high winds in mind but nonetheless we had a fairly physical time of it. You know its windy when you can't crawl forwards!  The boys did exceptionally well and never stopped smiling, rising to the challenges thrown at us and making the most of the learning conditions. Stream crossings maintained interest and it didn't stop raining all day.  Having been out on night nav we settled into our tents and to top the howling wind and rain were treated to a thunder and lightening storm!
We met up with the assessment team who had endured two nights of the same weather - in their debrief this morning I was pleased to tell them they had all passed - well done boys - and the sense of satisfaction matched the sense of relief at having survived! 

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