Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Cneifion Arete

Today I was joined by regular clients Barry and Andy who are preparing for our forthcoming trip to Skye. Unfortunately I hurt my knee on Monday (nothing serious it just needs a couple of days rest) and so Alec took up the baton and took them out for the day. I am told they glided up the Cneifion Arete before abseiling smoothly down the Gribin, moving elegantly over the ground with style and finesse. 
I spent the day putting a new site together for my ML courses that you can view here
Here is what Barry said about the day: "Hi Rob, First of all we did miss you! Had a great day with Alec and Andy and really feel the day ticked all my boxes. Alec did us proud. Feeling a lot more confident towards Skye and looking forward to building on today's adventure."
Thanks all! 

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