Monday, June 06, 2011

Three scrambles, a group of Irish singers and a toy.

I have been out with Will today who is a regular client and friend who has recently moved to Capel Curig. We kicked the day off with an ascent of Tryfan Bach (3) to spring board us up towards the Heather Terrace on Tryfan. From their we climbed Nor Nor Buttress (3) including the squeeze on the upper section that necessitates removing your rucksack and is always fun! We then did the upper section of the North Ridge (1), enjoying the warm dry rock and lovely views before topping out to listen to a group of Irish walkers singing what can only have been traditional Irish songs on the summit! A great day which was made all the funnier by the discovery of a black, shall we say "adult toy" attached to the fence by the A5. (Of course I only knew what it was because Will told me!!)

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