Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Climb & Ski

It has been a beautiful day here in Fort William with blue skies and sunshine. The boys wanted to be down for 2:00pm today as they had flights to catch in Glasgow so we went to Aonach Mor and used the gondola to gain height quickly. We went onto the East face of Aonach Nid and the boys lead a grade 1 ridge for themselves with me alongside. We looked at a range of belays and generally enjoyed the sunshine. I then managed to squeeze in a couple of hours skiing in the wonderful snow before heading home. Friends Dave & Carl went to the Ben and got involved in a rescue of some avalanched climbers, you can read more on James Thackers blog here. They also managed the first pitch of Waterfall Gully (IV,4). Teams were climbing Orion Direct, Hadrians, SW Ridge of the Douglas Boulder and Ledge Route but there is still lots of snow about. 

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