Monday, November 29, 2010

Cwm Glas

Hi Rob,
Had a look up in Cwm Glas today after you gave it a mention yesterday. Sargeant's gully was mostly climbable with good enough ice, bit thin in places. The first more difficult step was climbable, but with blunt, worn crampons and on my todd I skipped it. Ice on higher couple of tricky steps was pretty poor but may be ok after another few days. I went up Parsley Fern Gully which had plenty of ice smears and one about 10 metres long halfway up, all climbable. The last 30 metres before topping out was old snow with nice frozen steps but the rest of the gully inbetween the smears was powder snow ontop scree which was hard work.
Sinister gully had ice on the approaches but there was no ice on the normal ice pitch. No ice on those higher grade lines to the left of Sinister. There was a team doing Parsley Fern ahead of me and I met a couple that had just done Clogwyn y Person Arete, that they described as a good wintery scramble.
Looks like more cold then a little rise in temp over weekend then back to cold NE - E wind for next week, could all change by then though!
Great start, still many months to go yet!


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